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Branding, Graphic design, web design, Ad campaign, package design, Motion graphics, Exhibit design, infographics,

We are a team of experienced designers with a wide range of competencies, capable of seeing ideas through to the end product, whether it be physical or digital. We collaborate with professional specialists from various fields to deliver the best results for our clients.

Eesti Ettevõtluskõrgkool Mainor
NÖVA Caviar
Elurikas Tori Vald
AI & Robotics Estonia
GreenEST Summit
Hector Light
Crafter’s exhibit
Future Heroes
Tehnopol Science and Business Park
Golden Hour Mobile Modular Hospital
Re-Crafted Crafter’s
AI arendusmaraton
Selveri sõnumid
Crafter’s web
LOOR Legal § Tax
Patarei merekindlus
Startup Incubator
CPPM Manifestal
Nordic Hotel Forum
Ösel Birch
Üliõpilaste laulu- ja tantsfestival Gaudeamus
Cyber Safety conference
Arco Vara

Ready for new ideas

Ranno Päi

Founding partner | Designer | Project manager
A one-man folk dance ensemble, Ranno has seemingly limitless planning abilities that mean every project is choreographed perfectly. He has an MA in graphic design from the Estonian Academy of Arts, where he was the only student on his course to complete all of his works ahead of time. Since his energy knows no bounds, he also leads the graphic design programme at EUAS Mainor and lectures on the field of design. Of late, his work in BrandNew has seen him focussing in particular on Forus, Selver and Tehnopol.

Phone +372 5591 6366

Helen Illend

Partner | Art director
If you were a cat, you would want to be Helen’s cat: she would lavish just as much care on you as she does her clients in creating for them an all-encompassing visual world. She is characterised by a professionalism that comes from years of experience and an insatiable curiosity for innovation in design. She has an MA from the Estonian Academy of Arts and has lectured at EUAS Mainor. Before joining BrandNew she worked for the IDEA AD advertising agency, where she imagined the visual worlds of Visit Estonia, Vana Tallinn, Crafter’s, Laima, Kalev, Audentes, the State Forest Management Centre and more.

Phone +372 5691 4438

Risto Luhalep

Founding partner | Creative director | Copywriter
A powerhouse of smart ideas and a master copywriter, Risto says no humour is ever too black for him. Lately he has been picking up creative ideas on long walks with the newest four-legged member of his family. He has a degree in graphic design from the Estonian Academy of Arts and is a veteran of creativity courses. Prior to throwing in his lot with BrandNew, he showcased his talents in the Der Tank advertising agency, where his client portfolio included Elisa, Enterprise Estonia, Felix, Saaremaa Vodka, Estravel, Tetley and Eesti Ekspress.

Phone +372 5615 2451